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Sheri Watson was born and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  She has felt the pulse of music within her body since a young girl.  Though she studied both piano and violin for years as a child, it was her dream to become a professional ballet dancer that brought her to New York City at the tender age of 13 to spend three successive summers with the Harkness Ballet School, on an impressive scholarship.  At 16, her progressive talent paved the way for a move overseas to Germany, to accept a scholarship with the Stuttgart Ballet School, and later the Joffrey Ballet School back in New York City.  At age 18, Sheri was awarded a competitive contract to dance professionally with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre; her first performances with the ABT were at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.  She later went on to dance as a member of the National Ballet of Canada, based in Toronto, Ontario.

After choreographing a ballet for a workshop performance for the National Ballet of Canada, Sheri returned to New York City, where she had the opportunity to choreograph a music video.  This introduction led to her immediate entry into the recording studios in New York.  She began writing and recording dance and pop songs and had her first dance single release, as the artist.  During this time, she progressed professionally in the recording studio as an assistant engineer, and for four years was a personal assistant and music contractor for the highly accomplished composer and arranger Harold Wheeler.

At this point, Sheri moved to Los Angeles.  She began a career in set decoration for both films and television.  There were a few opportunities to write songs with collaborators, but it wasn’t until some time later, after Sheri discovered Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, that she was once again drawn back into writing and recording music.  Deeply inspired by the teachings of this practice, and experiencing directly how much it changed and improved her life, she felt compelled to record the “Ra Ma Da Sa” healing mantra, with a special project in mind.

She found producers and co-writers James Zota Baker and Amanda Hayley who were sensitive to her intention to maintain the integrity of the sound currents and teachings as given through Kundalini Yoga while offering their musical backgrounds and talents to develop the contemporary sound she was looking for.

After the “Ra Ma Da Sa” mantra was complete and released as a single, Sheri’s producers encouraged her to complete an EP (album), which she aptly titled Shuniya.  Her vision is to introduce these inspirational teachings to a wider audience that goes beyond the yoga community--to uplift novices and those already familiar with the astonishing healing powers of the teachings central to the yogic philosophy, specific to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan and the ancient mantras as given in the practice of Kundalini Yoga.

Sheri looks forward to continue recording, combining her passions for singing, songwriting and delivering uplifting sound vibrations.  She has founded her own music publishing company, Naad Music which is dedicated to promoting healing through conscious sound vibrations.

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