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What is naad?  Naad is the basic sound for all languages, through all times.  Naad means, “the essence of all sounds through which the Infinite can be experienced.”  Chanting in naad offers the experience to alter consciousness by changing the chemical composition of the brain fluids.

Mantra: Man means "mind;" tra means "waves of the mind." A mantra directs the thought waves of the mind.  Mantras are formulas that change the patterns of the mind and the chemistry of the brain.  The power of the mantra is in its sound vibration. 

Yoga: Yoga means “union.”  Yoga is the union of the individual’s self consciousness with the Infinite Consciousness.

Shuniya: Within the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, shuniya is a state of pure, high vibrational consciousness, that goes beyond any mind processes.  It is a state of non-reactivity, nothingness, neutrality, or “zero.”  Often reached through meditation or through chanting the mantras, shuniya is a gift that connects us to the Divine Infinite Wisdom and gives us freedom from the little self.  The practice is to experience the state of shuniya, through the technology, and be able to live more consciously in that place of deep truth and connection.


Here at Naad Music, we are dedicated to promoting healing through conscious sound vibrations.  Our first CD release is Sheri Watson’s Shuniya.  Listening to Shuniya will open your heart and uplift your spirit.

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